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The BOOM Blog

6 Reasons Why Customer Loyalty Programs Work

Posted by BOOM Group on October 8, 2019

Customer loyalty is a customer's willingness to buy from or work with a brand again and again. It's the result of a positive customer experience, client satisfaction, and the value of the products or services the customer gets from the transaction.

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3 Ways to Boost Engagement In Your Great Rewards Program

Posted by BOOM Group on June 28, 2019

Everybody loves a good deal, but in an increasingly cynical world we might not take advantage of as many valuable opportunities as we really should. Member rewards programs are a terrific way for organizations to demonstrate that they want to help their employees and members keep money in their pockets.

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Inflation Stress? 4 Ideas To Help Your Team

Posted by BOOM Group on April 23, 2019

A recent post in The Owl, ATB Financial’s Economics and Research team’s daily economic update, reviewed current inflation rates and highlighted that wages in Alberta are not keeping up.

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How to Spot a Comprehensive Loyalty Program that Interests all Members

Posted by BOOM Group on April 9, 2019

Enter any workplace or association and you’re likely to find men and women of all ages mingling together while striving to achieve their professional goals. There may be excellent camaraderie among everybody, but the interests of these individual people will be very diverse when they clock out at the end of a working day.

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Three Simple Steps to Customer Happiness

Posted by BOOM Group on November 15, 2018

When reaching out to clients, always ask if the communication is meaningful, memorable and personal.

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3 Ways To Setup a Successful Brand Partnership Program

Posted by BOOM Group on October 4, 2018

A Brand Partnership Program (BPP) is a powerful tool. 

Joined with a targeted and engaged audience, this is an efficient, flexible and winning combination for customer acquisition and retention, to build awareness and keep your brand top of mind through the buying cycles. (To learn more about and how to select a Brand Partnership Program Click Here).

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Acquire and Retain Customers Through Loyalty Programs

Posted by BOOM Group on August 1, 2018


Brand partnership programs (loyalty programs) get your brand in front of an expansive, yet targeted, audience. Like other loyalty programs, they offer the opportunity to target, acquire and retain customers who have a significant influence on your brand’s revenue stream. 

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Topics: Loyalty Partner, Loyalty Program

How Your Offer Impacts Your Customer's Journey

Posted by BOOM Group on July 31, 2018


So, you’ve come up with a great promotion (or series of promotions) to run in a loyalty program that you’ve carefully selected. The design looks great, you've indicated your expected ROI for the campaign, it’s trackable so you can monitor your return and you’ve scheduled the campaign for a set period of time. All that is left to do is press ‘Go’! Or is it?

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Stunning Employee Reward Stats to Make You Perk Up

Posted by BOOM Group on July 12, 2018

There have been a number of studies and surveys designed to shed light on the issue of employee engagement in today’s workforce. No wonder. The cost of replacing an employee can be significant. According to some estimates, it can be as high as 250% of that person’s annual salary!

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6 Tips for Choosing an Employee Reward Program

Posted by BOOM Group on May 24, 2018

Raises, benefit packages and profit sharing aren’t the only perks available to employers interested in going that extra mile for their staff. Employee reward programs provide an easy and inexpensive way to show you care.

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